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hong kong wto ministerial dec 14-18 2005

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globalization: the actors
the G8
World Trade Organization
Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)
World Bank
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International Chamber of Commerce
World Economic Forum (Davos Group)
United Nations Global Compact
New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

introductions to glob & alterglob
Walden Bello, "Why Reform of the WTO is the Wrong Agenda"
IMF/World Bank basic intro (there's a whole section on IMF/WB below)
Njoki Njoroge Njehû, Testimony before Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade of the House Committee on Financial Services, Hearing on U.S. Policy toward the African Development Bank and African Development Fund, April 25, 2001
Brian Dominick,
"Thoughts on the Anti-capitalist Globalization Movement" 6.11.01 at Z Media Institute

some of the nasty details

Third World Debt
Jubilee International Debt Campaign is an international inter-faith coalition working for the forgiveness of third world debt.
They also have a research component, Jubilee Research. There is a separate version of Jubilee USA and Jubilee South, the network of Southern/3rd world/Global Southorganizations working for debt relief.
World Bank Bonds Boycott Campaign the strategy and plans of this campaign.

50 Years is Enough has been working for over a decade to dismantle the World Bank and IMF.

Food First works on hunger and agriculture issues in the third world as well as trade and debt

Global Exchange has lots of projects in the third world, including debt relief, fair trade, and reality tours.

Satire very funny stuff from "The Whirled Bank" but accurate statistics!

Third World Network publishes on a wide range of issues affecting the third world.

Bank Information Center provides reports on the World Bank & IMF.

States of Unrest a thorough report on current resistance to the World Bank & IMF in third world countries.

Research Organizations
Transnational Institute (European/international perspective)
Third World Network is the foremost critical economic analysis of and for the third world
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
goes way beyond agriculture. they have a Trade Observatory
The Global Policy Forum has good analysis of poverty and justice and the shortcomings of the UN
International Forum on Globalization
  (IFG) the foremost international organization of activist scholars working on globalization issues and their 1998 Siena Declaration

Global Trade Watch Great way to learn about NAFTA, WTO, TABD, MAI and all the newest trade agreements.(US perspective) 

Economic Policy Institute, "NAFTA AT SEVEN Its impact on workers in all three nations"
Transnationale Corporate Observatory is a European research group
check out brand new report on "NAFTA at 7 years" at the Institute for Policy Studies webpage

Corporate Watch cool on-line magazine with information about how corporations control the international economy.

Food First works on hunger and agriculture issues in the third world as well as trade and debt

it isn't an organization, but Naomi Klein, author of No Logo, has a website
For Sustainable Village-Based Development
ZNet is analysis, not news but publishes lots of firsthand reports from the actions
IndyMedia be sure to check local indymedia sites from left column
protest net
a-infos good short international reporting, mostly from anarchists
alternet the AP wire for progressive news
well researched analysis of mainstream media
Project Censored publishes a list of each year's 25 least-covered outrages
Infoshop anarchist news
online videos (and cheap ones by mail) at the
Video Activist Network
AdBusters is lots of fun
Activist Organizations
Sweatshop Watch Coalition
Reclaim the Streets
action pages and Photos of their actions

Global Exchange has lots of projects in the third world, including debt relief, fair trade, and reality tours.

Rainforest Action Network is involved in many anti-corporate campaigns that affect indigenous people

Ruckus Society teaches people how to climb stuff, drop banners, make human barricades, etc.

ATTAC is based in Europe, but international and BIG. they have a really informative newsletter which you can subscribe to on your email for free 

Coordination Paysanne Européenne is the European farmers network fighting to protect small and family farms and "multifunctional agriculture"
Slow Food is a group insisting on the superiority of traditional foods and production techniques
  Council of Canadians is the largest group there, and another group is Common Front on the WTO

Starhawk's Resources for Activists and Trainers
Is this movement really international?
States of Unrest a thorough report on current resistance to the World Bank & IMF in third world countries.

New Internationalist's excellent Sept 01 issue 338 on the third world anti-globalization movement
Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra, MST, the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement

KOPA, the group that organized 020 (oct 20 2000) protest in Seoul
KMP, Peasant Movement of the Phillipines

Via Campesina is an international network of small farmers fighting for "food sovereignty"
Peoples' Global Action, really important international anti-glob group

Ejercito Zapatista Liberacion Nationale, the Zapatistas, Ya Basta! page  has good links to other Zapatista pages and this is an archive of EZLN writings , Harry Cleaver's introduction to Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution, New York: Autonomedia, 1994.
What do we want? Collective Visions
Peoples' Global Action, founded out of international Zapatista Encuentro

International Forum on Globalization's "Beyond the WTO:
Alternatives to Economic Globalization"
Seattle Indigenous Peoples Declaration, 1999

Declaration of the Jubilee South-South Summit, Gauteng South Africa November 18-21, 1999

Dakar Declaration and Manifesto "from Resistance to Alternatives", Dakar Senegal December 11-17, 2000

The World Social Forum is an international visioning organization, which met for the first time in Puerto Allegre, Brazil in January 2001 and February 2002.

is it racist?
Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez, "Where was the Color in Seattle?"
Colin Rajah, "Globalism and Race at A16 in DC"

Robin Hahnel, "Speaking truth to Power, Speaking Truth to Ourselves"

Chris Crass, "Beyond the Whiteness
Colours of Resistance, a people of color caucus within the North American Movement (check out their Articles section)

Challenging White Supremacy, an approach to dealing with racism by folks in the movement

Check out the environmental justice movement, which has always been anti-corporate

The Actions
The McLibel Case, 1985-1997
Reclaim the Streets'
reflections on London j18 1999


zmag's pages with archives of analysis and eyewitness reports
of Seattle n30 1999
Direct Action Network (DAN)'s history pages
for Seattle n30 1999

US networking at
for Québec City, a21 2001 organizations: Opération Québec Printemps & CLAC (Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal)


Genoa photo collection including the barricade of the city prior to the meetings

j23 2003 usda biotech protests in sacramento, california

is it violent?

Anarchist N30 Black Bloc Communiqué from the ACME Collective Dec. 12, 1999
NEFAC, "Solidarity statement to the anti-WTO anarchist Black Bloc"
Mary Black, "USA: Letter from Inside the Black Bloc" Alternet July 25, 2001
Starhawk, "Fascism in Genoa", July 2001
Statement by Black Block activists Genoa, July 21st 2001

Counter-Insurgency Texts from U.S. & Canada
Center for National Security Studies' analysis of the 1996 Omnibus anti-terrorism act

Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Report 2000/08 "Anti-Globalization - A Spreading Phenomenon". August 22, 2000
U.S. Congress Patriot Act of 2001 text from House of Representatives website
Paul Rosenberg, "The Empire Strikes Back: Police Repression of Protest from Seattle to L.A.
good COINTELPRO site

Fair Trade?
good article by Josée Johnston
TransFair USA
Equal Exchange
The Human Bean Company

in 2002, Oxfam separated itself from the anti-globalization movement, issuing this report through their Make Trade Fair campaign (which is NOT the same thing that the Fair Trade movement has been working on....) and Walden Bello's critique

What's Anarchism?
Anarchist FAQ with lots of info
a-infos anarchist interpretations of events
Infoshop all kinds of resources and news by and for anarchists
Anarchists of Color

progressive, grassroots, internationalist labor news
largest US union confederation
ILWU the Longshorement ROCK!

Jobs with Justice/Justice for Janitors
organizing immigrants, very militant
does more organizing than most unions
an important union working with garment sweatshop workers
the Canadian Auto Workers
were at the fence in Québec City and have flying squads!
the Wobblies (Int'l Workers of the World)
are anarcho-syndicalists
Korean Confederation of Trade Unions
National Labor Committee is a US organization working on campaigns with US consumers supporting labor rights in the third world. They have worked on campaigns against Disney and Kohl's.

United Students Against Sweatshops is a student organization on college campuses which works as a coalition to develop strategy for getting their universities to ensure that logo-bearing merchandise is not made in sweatshops.

 CU-Boulder Service-Learning Project

US Labor Education in the Americas Project (US/LEAP)

Rocking religious folks
United Methodist Women's Association
Liberation Theology
Catholics! Even the pope thinks neoliberalism is a sin! & third world bishops
Jesuits are making a study of globalization
Quakers have been fighting imperialism for a long time through the American Friends Service Committee


Indigenous Peoples
the U'wa (Colombia) are opposing Occidental Petroleum's attempt to drill on their land. They believe the land is sacred and they have a responsibility to protect it. They have threatened mass suicide. Oxy has started exploratory drilling.

 Project Underground compiles all sorts of info on mining projects and the people affected all over the world.

 Rainforest Action Network is involved in many campaigns that affect indigenous people, including forestry as well as oil.